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More Than Just a Meet and Greet

We want each party to be more than just a visit, we want it to be a complete experience!


Your child will not only get to meet their favorite character, over the course of the party, they will bond and become friends! We’ve carefully crafted and perfected all of our activities to deliver a truly magical experience. Our parties center around not just having fun with a princess, fairy or Galactic Knight, they will learn to BE one! 


In a sense, our characters will help your child become part of their world!


More that just "girl power," we like to promote "YOU power!"
All of our packages include elements of empowerment. From passing out stickers with compliments on them, to spreading love and laughter with bubbles, to practicing Power Words (like "I AM AMAZING!" and "I AM STRONG!") and more, our characters are committed to bringing out the very best in your child and their friends. 

We believe that each character (even Snow White!) can teach your child something about "you power." You can research what's empowering about each character on their Character page!

We even have a whole set of packages gears toward empowerment! Check them out on our Pricing Page.

High End, High Quality Experiences

We're dedicated to pursuing and providing the highest quality character experience possible. From beautiful costumes,  to expertly trained performers, to meticulously planned and practiced party activities, Princesscapades represents the very best in character entertainment.

Knowledgeable Performers and Staff

Our entertainers are professional and experienced actresses & actors that specialize in knowing their character through-and-through. We are just as immersed in these characters' worlds as your child is (maybe more!) and will make a believer out of even the most detail savvy skeptic!

Safe, Family Friendly Fun


All of our entertainers are handpicked after a detailed hiring process. Princesscapades Princess Parties, LLC is fully licensed & insured.

From the Owner - Kitty Wolf

Hi there! Want to know a little bit more about the girl that sends princesses to your party? Well let me tell you a little bit about myself! 

I've been a princess party performer since 2010. Started back in North Carolina! I moved up here and started Princesscapades in 2012. Since then I've devoted myself to making it the best party character provider in the area!

When I'm not a princess, I teach at a preschool and work at a nature center. 
I am VERY much about girl power, empowerment, and positivity in general, so look for those themes making their way into our parties, events, Facebook posts and the business as a whole. 

I'm from the south so southern hospitality, friendliness
 and good manners are just apart of who I am! I love to help people so please do not ever hesitate to ask me questions or just contact me about anything really! I want your party to be as perfect as you do!


Hope to party with you soon!


"To these little girls, the princesses are people who will always be their friend - no matter what. "

Princesscapades Owner

Kitty  Wolf 

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DISCLAIMER: Princesscapades Princess Parties is in no way affiliated with any existing organization.
All characters are inspired by a variety of works and ideas.

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