More than just "girl power," we strive to promote "YOU power!"

Princesscapades is committed to fostering a sense of empowerment in all of the children we interact with. All of our packages include various creative and unique activities to promote courage, confidence, kindness, and positivity. From spreading love and laughter with bubbles, to practicing Power Words (like "I AM AMAZING!" and "I AM STRONG!") and more, our characters are dedicated to bringing out the very best in your child and their friends.

​We believe that each character can teach your child something about "you power." You can research what's empowering about each character on their Character page!

We even have a whole set of packages geared toward empowerment! Check them out on our Pricing Page.

Empowerment Games

What are Empowerment Games?

We’ve developed a variety of games and activities to promote the idea of empowerment without being heavy handed or preachy. We want to make empowerment strong and meaningful while also retaining the magic and wonder of a princess. Here is how we accomplish that:

Love and Laughter Bubbles

Children will pop bubbles in order to release the love that is inside each one! This game releases squeals of laughter into the world as well, as children absolutely love chasing bubbles!


Designed to promote positivity and love.


Available in Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Spreading the Love Sticker Game

Children will be given a sheet of heart stickers and challenged to “spread the love!” An upbeat song will play as the children rush around putting heart stickers on their friends and family. The game ends with the princess asking the children to shout out the name of someone they love and then a group hug.

Designed to foster the idea of spreading & showing love.


Available in Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Power Words Practice

Power Words Practice will have kids shouting positive things about themselves as they gaze into handheld “magic mirrors”! Shouts of "I am smart!" or "I am brave!" or “I am fun!” will ring out throughout your party! Your character will call out power words at first, and then invite the children to come up with their own. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful things they say about themselves!

The game ends with an empowering ROAR and hugging oneself.


Designed to inspire self-confidence.


Available in Basic and Deluxe Packages.

Hugs and Compliments 

Each child will be wrapped in a loving warm hug from the character, who will also shower them with complements during the embrace. Your character will then encourage your guests to hug each other and say something nice as well. If a child doesn’t want a hug, a high five or even just a smile from the character works just as well!


Designed to foster kindness and caring.

Available in ALL Packages!

Coming Soon - Inspiration Cards 

Your guests will receive special card from their character that they can keep to look at whenever they need a pick me up. Cards are themed to the visiting character and will feature their image, with a power phrase such as “Be positive,” “Be brave,” etc. All cards say “Be true, Be you” on them as well.


Designed to be a magical reminder that their favorite character is always there for them!

Soon to be available in ALL Packages!

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All characters are inspired by a variety of works and ideas.

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