Galactic Knights

Zaalia Ven

Optimistic, Patient, Fierce 

Though she was born on a congested, urban planet, covered entirely with cities, Zaalia Ven has learned to be patient and calm despite the chaos around her. She strives to instill these virtues in the younglings she teaches and to spread light throughout the galaxy. 


She is a fierce fighter, relying on stealth and smarts in battle. She uses her small stature to her advantage. 


She is a Galactic Consular and Diplomat, often traveling the galaxy on missions of peace. 


Zaalia trained at the academy with Ji'Novia and Si'Nestra Drovek. She later suffered great losses in an epic battle with Si'Nestra, in a failed attempt to bring her back to the light. 


She will teach your younglings to be patient in peace and fierce in fighting. 


Saber color: Green

“Be the light in a world of darkness.”

Cordelia Kivuli 

Bold, Spirited, and Confident

Cordelia is from a temperate, Earth-like core planet, whose inhabitants are said to have rocket fuel for blood. She is free-spirited and adventurous.


She is an aggressive fighter, relying on stealth, strength and style. When she strikes, she strikes hard. 


She is what is known as a Shadow Knight, working covertly to eliminate purveyors of the dark side.


Cordelia may be as cocky as any space pilot, but her heart is true. Once, during a raging battle on a distant ice planet, she gave up her own warm clothes and shelter to those more in need. She nearly froze to death, but found the strength to survive and through this, she ultimately achieved her knighthood.


She will teach your younglings to have strength in serenity and confidence in combat.


Saber color: Purple

“Fake it ‘til you make it.”


“Seek and you shall know.”

Observant, Clever, Curious

Growing up on a hot, desert planet, Ji'Novia embraced the light of its two suns and seeks out anything warm and bright.


She is an cautious fighter, relying on stealth and style in battle. Her attacks are sneaky and hard to defend against. 


Ji'Novia is a Sentinel, acting as both a detective and spy in order to keep the galaxy safe. She is cunning, and highly observant, often able to see things others miss.


She has recently achieved the rank of Master, much to the chagrin of her twin sister Si'Nestra. Si'Nestra feels she was betrayed by her sister, when Ji'Novia uncovered her crimes and ultimately turned her in. Ji'novia's act saved thousands of lives, but her sister never forgave her. 


She will teach your younglings to be curious in calmness and keen in combat.


Saber color: Yellow


Volatile, Conniving, Chaotic 

Si'Nestra, being a twin to Ji'Novia, was born on the same sweltering desert planet. However, instead of reveling in the warmth of the two suns, Si'Nestra shuns the light and seeks out the cold and dark.


She is a chaotic fighter, relying on stealth and speed in battle. Her unpredictable nature makes her a formidable opponent. 


Si'Nestra was once on the path of the Light, but has since headed to the Dark, where she can be independent and lawless. 


Si'Nestra delights in chaos and confusion. She lives in the moment and does not follow any rules but her own. This has put a rift in her relationship with her sister, Ji'Novia and her once friend Zaalia. 


She will teach your younglings to be playful while at peace and have fun while fighting.


Saber color: Red

“It feels so good to be bad”

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