Why Don't We Do Outdoor Parties?

There are several reasons why we have chosen not to accommodate outdoor parties longer than 30 minutes*. Overall we feel the experience is just not up to our standards of excellence. Here's why: 

Health & Safety

Our performers' safety comes first. Their costumes are deceptively hot. Wearing a wig in the summer is essentially like wearing your warmest wool winter hat!

It is very easy for our performers to overheat, get sick, or worse - pass out. 

While it may be in character for a few of the princesses to be overcome with a sleeping spell, it's not an ideal situation for anyone!

Many of our activities are high energy and we don't want any of your little guests overheating either! Best to play inside where you can control the temperature. 

Bright Sun = Squinty Princesses

We want everyone to be able to capture the memories of this momentous day with gorgeous pictures of their guests having fun with their princess. The truth of the matter is though, a bright sunny day means your princess (and your guests!) will be squinting or closing their eyes in all their pictures. 

Sure your guests can wear cool shades, but we can't say the same for our princesses!

Unpredictable Weather

That great lake next door certainly throws our weather for a loop! It's hard to know if it will be raining, windy, hot, or humid (or snowing!) at any given time. Since there is really no way of knowing the weather, we may not be able to fully prepare for the conditions the day of your party.  

Luckily you can control the weather indoors!


They don't call it the Windy City for nuthin'! The wind can really muss up your princess' hair & dress and make her not look as picture perfect as you'd like. The wind can also make it hard to hear and blow away our bubbles before the children can play with them! 

The princess' hair and dress will properly stay in place with the still air of your home (and the bubbles won't escape either!)

Sound Quality 

Voices and music get lost when out in the open, even in a small backyard, thus reducing their quality. Our princesses have such lovely singing voices, it'd be a shame if no one could hear them. And a princess shouting her story over the sounds of the outdoors really isn't regal. 


The acoustics are so much better indoors, every character is sure to sound amazing!*

*Does not apply to the silly step-sisters...

We want your party to be the best it can be!

Requiring all performances be indoors ensures you receive the best quality performance our princesses can provide! 

If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Email: Info@Princesscapades.com

Phone: 773.431.2098


*30 minute parties are available for outdoors with an additional fee

The above policies are copyright Princesscapades Princess Parties. 

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