Please read ALL policies prior to booking your party.


Last Minute Booking: Parties scheduled within 7 days of the party will be subject to a convienence fee of $25 for last minute preparations. Parties requested for weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) must be booked no later than the Tuesday immediately prior.



After submitting the information on our Booking Form here, you will receive a quote for the package and character you selected. This does not place a hold on the date and character and does not ensure your booking! Prices and availability may change at any time after your quote is sent. Your party is not officially booked until your payment of the deposit is received.



A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your party price is required to secure your party date and character. All deposits are due within 3 days of receipt of the deposit invoice via PayPal. Deposits can only be paid with credit, debit or PayPal over the phone or online. We do not accept checks or cash for deposits. The deposit only books your for the time, date and character listed on the invoice.


Remaining Balance:  

The remaining balance is due at the time of your party. It can be paid with cash or check (made payable to Princesscapades) to your performer. We do not accept credit or debit card payment at the party. However, may pay your remaining balance with a credit or debit card anytime prior to your party. If the remaining balance is not received by the day of your party, it will be expected to be paid at the party with cash or check. Should you fail to pay the remaining balance at the party, a late fee of $50 will be added to your balance. Should you fail to remit payment within 1 week of your party, that fee will become $100.

Please have your balance ready to give to your performer before they leave the party. You performer will leave at the time your booked. If payment is not collected by then, you will be charged the late fee indicated above. It is your responsibility to keep track of time and have your payment ready; our character cannot wait after the end time of the visit. We also ask that you make the payment discreet (such as using an envelope) to ensure we do not spoil the magic for any of your guests!


Guest Count: 

Our party packages are designed for a maximum of 15 guests (including the birthday child). The only exception is the Meet and Greet Package, which accommodates up to 25 children. If you are anticipating more guests than this, you are required to add an additional character or a Princesscapades Party Assistant.. These options will allow you an additional 10 guests. You will be asked to confirm the final guest count 1-2 weeks prior to your event. The character will only bring enough supplies for the amount of guests you indicate, so please be accurate. Guests that will not be participating (such as teenagers, infants and adults) need not be included in the guest count.


Packages and Character Selection:  

Please visit our Character page to ensure you are selecting the correct character for your visit. Please also be aware of the activities provided in the package you selected. We are not responsible for the selection of the wrong character or package when booking. Please note that the Meet and Greet package only includes a story time and posing for pictures. Other activities such as singing or crafts cannot be substituted and are only available in the Basic Celebration package or higher. Adding an additional 30 minutes to the Meet and Greet package does not provide any additional activities, such as singing or crafts.


Timing and Late Arrivals:

Parties MUST start at time indicated at booking. Please be aware that if you ask your character to wait, her end time will still remain the same. We are not responsible for lost time if your character arrives on time but is instructed to wait.

Please advise all guests that the party will begin promptly at the scheduled time. All activities are carefully planned out, and any child arriving late may join the activities at the point that they have progressed.  This is necessary to ensure the least amount of disruption to the party. Scheduling a character’s visit to be at least 20-30 minutes after the guest’s arrival will help ensure everyone is present and settled before your character’s entrance!


Discipline and Non-Participation: 

Client is responsible for the behavior and actions of all their guests. You and the parents of your guests (if available) are responsible for disciplining or removing any child that becomes loud, unruly or disruptive. Additionally, our character may request an unruly or disruptive child be removed from the activities. If any child becomes physical (such as jumping, pulling, shoving etc) the character has the right to remove herself from the party for her own safety. Should a character need to leave a party for this reason, a refund will not be issued. Should a child's behavior result in excessive damage to a costume or other supplies, client may be charged for repair or replacement. Please monitor all children’s behavior to ensure the best experience for everyone!


Adults at the party: 

We ask that the parent(s) of the birthday child please stay for the duration of the party to attend to possible needs of the children.  The parents of guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the fun, but we ask that onlookers keep the noise level to a minimum so the children do not get distracted and can adequately hear instructions and stories.


Outdoor Visits:

Parties may be held outdoors, but only if the circumstances meet the following requirements: 

  • The temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees

  • It is not rainy or windy

  • It is not muddy*

If such conditions exist, we require alternative accommodations and your character will request the party be moved indoors before she can begin. This is to ensure your performer is safe and at her best at your party, and that the activities go smoothly! We may ask for conformation of alternate accommodations. 

*Please also be aware, that even if it is not currently raining at the time of your event, you may be required to have the party indoors if it has been raining within the last few hours.

Failure to accommodate will result in immediate cancellation of the party, without refund.



Parties within the Chicago city limits are required to provide one parking space per character within short walking distance to the party (though ideally not immediately in front of the party, in order to preserve the magic!). If a character is not able to find adequate parking, they will contact you to locate their reserved spot. Spots can be reserved by having a car moved after the character has arrived. Our characters will arrive with adequate time to secure this spot (10-15 minutes), we just ask for your cooperation in order to ensure they able to make their entrance in time. This means answering your phone for the character in a timely manner and having their parking spot ready. Paying for a character’s parking is not required (but is always appreciated!).


Inclement weather/illness:  

In the case of severe weather or unforeseen circumstances/illness, Princesscapades Princess Parties reserves the right to reschedule your party. You will not forfeit your deposit should this happen.


Cancellations and rescheduling: 

Once your party is booked and the deposit is paid, if you decide to cancel your party for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable. Should you need to postpone your party, we will do what we can to accommodate but it may result in the forfeiture of the deposit or a $50 postponement fee.


Distance and Travel Fee: 

A travel fee of $25 per character will be added for any party 25 miles from the zip code 60624. Parties 35-50 miles from this zip code must be at least 60 minutes. We do not do parties further than 50 miles from the zip code 60624. Distance is calculated from our home base using Google Maps.

See more about our service area



Princesscapades Princess Parties, it’s owners and performers assume no responsibility or liability for accidents, allergies relating to crafts or make-up, injuries to party guests, or property damage.  As professional event planners, we can assure you we will provide a safe and entertaining environment for your guests, and will treat you home like a “royal palace”.



We understand that accidents can happen, however, the client may be held responsible for the excessive damage sustained to costumes and property of Princesscapades Princess Parties.


Skin Allergies:

The Fantastic and Super Fantastic packages offer mini-make overs consisting of lip gloss, blush, eye shadow and sometimes glitter for girls and stick on mustaches or temporary tattoos for boys. We use separate q-tips for each child. It is the responsibility of the client to check with the guests for skin allergies or sensitivities. 


Client Obligations:

The client is responsible for providing the following:

·       Tables for crafts and make-overs if applicable

·       Adequate room for dancing and games

·       Gathering space for parents or the guests if you want them to stay

·       A smoke free environment

·       Parking (for parties at public venues or within Chicago city limits)

·       Please remain with the party at all times


Customer Terms & Agreements

Prices subject to change without notice. Gratuity is greatly appreciated with party packages, but is not required. For packages of $1,000+ gratuity of 15% will be automically added to the total.


If you do not wish to have your party photos posted on our website or advertising, please let us know. Otherwise, we reserve the right to post your party photos as an example of our parties. We never use any names as subtitles of our photos.


Princesscapades Princess Parties has provided this account of our policies and terms of service with the assumption that you have read and agree to our policies before paying your deposit and booking your party. Please ask for clarification if there are any questions regarding the above policies before reserving your party.





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