Snowflake Celebration!

Join us for a magical day that will chase the winter blues away!


Event Details

Make the most of the cold weather this season by joining us for a Snowflake Celebration!

The event starts with the coolest performance of the year! The Snow Queen and Ice Princess will perform your favorite songs, complete with incredible and enchanting magic you will have to see to believe! You've heard *that song* a millions times already, but you've never experienced it quite like this before!

After the stunning show, you'll be invited to enjoy a variety of activities, crafts, dancing and more! And don't forget to pose for a picture with our special guests!


Indian Boundary Park

Field House

2500 W. Lunt Ave

Chicago, IL 60645


January 21st, 2018
Session 1: 11am - 12pm

Session 2: 1pm - 2pm




Basic Tickets

$40 - 1 Child

$10 1 Adult


  • Entry into the event

Prices INCREASE on January 10th, so get your tickets today!

Deluxe Tickets

$65 1 Child

$10 - 1 Adult


  • Entry into the event


  • Special keepsake ticket

  • Fancy formal invitation 

  • Snow in a jar necklace

  • Autograph book

  • "Magic" photo 

    • Emailed after event​

Hand Delivered Deluxe Tickets!

Your ticket will be delivered by the Snow Queen or Ice Princess!

$95 1 Child

$65 - Each Additional Child


  • Entry into the event

  • Special keepsake "forever" ticket

  • Fancy keepsake formal invitation 

  • Snow in a jar necklace

  • Autograph book

  • "Magic" photo with the characters 


  • 15 minute visit from the Snow Queen or Ice Princess!


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Event FAQs

I have a baby, may I bring her to the ball?

Yes, however due to the small space, we ask that strollers be left home. The event is geared toward ages 3-7.

Do the parents need a ticket?
Yes, all parents and other adults are required to have an adult ticket. Up to two adults are allowed per child. Adult tickets are $5 each, regardless of what kind of child ticket you get. 

I have two children, do two adults need to attend?

No. Up to two children are allowed per adult. However EVERY person needs a ticket for entry, so you may buy 1 adult and 2 children's tickets. 


My husband and I would like to attend with our child. Do we all need tickets?
Yes every adult needs a separate adult ticket. Due to space constraints, only two adults will be allowed per child. 

If I buy a ticket for one session, can I attend the other instead? 
No, tickets are only valid for the session purchased, so please be sure to select the correct session! 


Will food be served? 

Light refreshments will be available such as little candies and snacks (and coffee!). We recommend having a meal before the event. 


Why are only 20 children allowed per session? 
We cant to create a close, personal experience for this event. By keep the guest list REALLY small, the whole event is like a VIP event! Each child will get to interact with the characters and become best of friends. 

Is there a VIP event this time?

Nope! Not this time. The event already has a small capacity (only 20 kids per session!) so the whole event has a VIP feel to it already! However there ARE special Deluxe tickets available! 


What is included in the Deluxe Ticket? 

Deluxe Tickets include: 
Entry to the event for 1 child

Fancy invitation - Mailed before event
Special keepsake ticket - Mailed before event
Snow in a jar necklace - Given at the event
Autograph book - Given at the event
"Magic" photo with the characters - Emailed after event

When will Hand Delivered Deluxe Tickets be delivered?

We will contact you to decide upon a delivery day. Please know that the delivery days will depend on the character's schedule. These popular characters book up fast, so buy your ticket early to get the best date! The most probable dates will be December 16th/17th or January 13th/14th.

There will be no deliveries December 20-January 8th! Princesscapades will be on vacation!

When should I arrive? 

Please arrive shortly before the start time on your ticket in order to check in. Doors will open at that time and the event will start shortly after. Late comers may have to wait until the performance is over in order to enter the room, so please be on time!


What kind of parking is available?

There is FREE street parking around the park.

What if it snows?

The event will take place even if it snows (and frankly that would really set the scene wouldn't it!). These events take a lot of planning and reserving ahead of time. They are almost like weddings! We will not be postponing or canceling the event due to weather and cannot give refund for non-attendance due to weather, so keep this in mind when purchasing tickets. Besides, the cold never bothered our characters anyway!


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